All about How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay in Your System

The question to be discussed in this article is how long does Hydrocodone Stay in Your System? To answer this question, one should know the chemical and medical perspectives of the disease. The chemical basis of the drug hydrocodone is that it is a drug used as an analgesic. Analgesic is normally termed as the painkillers. They lower the pain and relieve the person from the suffering of the pain. The physiology of the pain can be elaborated in the words that pain is a combination of the nerve signals transmitted from the pain nerve endings to the brain. These pain signals are transmitted through different nerves. The nerve impulse travels through the membrane of the nerve. The nerve impulse after reaching the end of the neuron enters the synapse. Synapse is the gap between the two neurons, which allows the passage of the nerve impulse with a slight delay. The painkillers or the analgesics are the chemicals, which stop the nerve impulse at the synapse.