Samsung S4 and iPhone 5 screen replacement

Fix broken Samsung S4 Screen:

What you need:

  •         Samsung S4 screen replacement package
  •         Heat gun or Hair Dryer

Steps to follow:

  1.       Remove the battery, SIM and SD cards from your phone.
  2.       Using the heat from the heat gun, heat up the glue under your phone’s screen. You can use a hair dryer for the same purpose, but it will take a lot more time. Also, heating beyond a limit might damage the digitizer, so you need to be careful with this part.
  3.       Using the picks from the Samsung S4 screen replacement package, lift the glass screen. Remove the glass screen from digitizer carefully.
  4. You can use an alcohol or similar solvent to remove any glue residue left over.
  5.       Once the broken screen is removed, place the adhesive on the edges of the new screen to stick to.
  6.       Place the new screen in its place and press gently. Remove the plastic cover from the screen, if it has any.
  7.       Put back the battery and SIM card and test.

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