What You Should Do To Improve The Quality Of Your Lyrics

First of all, before getting to the creative part of writing song lyrics you should understand the piece of a song. Which are the parts of a song? The basic steps to follow when writing a song are the introduction, the verse, the chorus and the bridge. The introduction is the beginning of the song, as you probably have imagined. This part is usually different from the rest of the melody; you could make it slower or faster, but you can also skip it. The next part, the verse, is the main part of it. The main characteristic of this part is the fact that it has the same melody line, but the lyrics are different in each part. The chorus part is the one that is repeated without any change. Consider this the catchiest part of your song. Finally, the bridge can exist in your song but it is not an obligatory part. It is usually a short part that connects two different parts of the song, such as a verse and a chorus.


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